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The live classes are in  Coquitlam BC, Canada.

They are on SUNDAYS from 7pm to 9pm.

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A message from Sifu Adam

The objective of the Qi Gong classes is not to entertain, but to help people feel better and establish a practice.

Most people cannot practice alone, so I want to build a community (group) where we can practice together and feel much better.

Some of you have asked:

"Why am I giving this away for FREE?"

The reason is, for those who follow my work and watched my Youtube QiGong series and how this got started, I was very sick a few years ago, and I spent an enormous amount of money on different fields of medicine like acupuncture, herbology, western medicine, chiropractors, brain specialists, sports science, etc. and none of it helped.

What did cure me is QiGong!

As I spent all that money on different fields of medicine, with nothing helping me, I remember thinking that there were probably many people in just as much pain as I was and couldn't afford it.

Because QiGong fixed me, I want people to be able to afford this, so I'm not going to charge anything and that's why it's completely FREE.

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